Support Coordination – the simple rewards of building trust

Our Specialist Support Coordinators had quite the win recently.

Kath’s been supporting a psychosocial specialist participant (let’s call her “Sally”), who’s had a very negative relationship with the NDIS and support coordinators in the past. To the point that both words have become a trigger to her. Building trust is critical to supporting anyone, especially participants with complex needs.

For the first year or so, Kath had to put on her toughest skin dealing with some very colourful language and aggressive phone calls from “Sally”. Then, coming into Christmas last year, “Sally” called to ask Kath out to brunch.

“She wants to finally meet me!” – Kath couldn’t believe it!

It was one of the funniest and happiest phone calls Kath has ever taken. Soon after Christmas, “Sally” called Kath again to tell her that she was happy and that she trusts her – another little step forward.

Then more recently “Sally” actually referred to Kath as her NDIS Support Coordinator rather than the lady who does things for me. Two trigger words in one sentence for the first time ever!!!!

Just like Kath, all our Support Coordinators are always building relationships that help them make little steps forward everyday to make a positive difference to people’s lives. Helping NDIS participants navigate their disability support plans.

Our registered, skilled and experienced Support Coordinators help participants address the complexity that affects their access to supports, enabling them to overcome any significant barriers in NDIS plan implementation.

Leisure Networks support coordination team have experience working with NDIS participants with special needs whose situations are more complex and require a higher level of support to manage the challenges in their support environment. Our support coordinators support participants and their families by connecting them to the resources and services that are right for their situation.

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