Being successful at work

“I’m a big believer that when you’re passionate about what you do, you do a better job. So to be successful in your role you have to be ignited by the things that you do.” Says Tegan. “Having an open mind and being aligned and passionate about what you do is a very fulfilling way to work.” 

Tegan credits much of her success at work to being aligned to the same vision and goals of Leisure Networks. She can really enjoy what she does because she feels that she lives and breathes our values. 

She believes it is important to be open minded and be open to learning for yourself. It is also about having an awareness around new opportunities within the role. What she can learn, what she can do differently. Knowing that the way things are done might not be the way they always need to be done.  

Tegan has come from a background in nursing, which she loved. What she didn’t love about nursing was the organisational structure. 

Tegan attributes a lot of her success in her current role to the trust she is given at Leisure Networks. This trust, as well as respect, means she is able to pursue ideas that she believes will benefit the people around her, and the organisation. Especially through COVID, a lot of the team she supports have felt isolated, so it has been great that she can drive initiatives to help support them. It is important that the organisation trusts her to know what she has to do to be successful.  

Teagan is driven by a passion for others – “It’s not about what I can do for me, but what I can do for others.” 

The trust and respect she gets at Leisure Networks has allowed Tegan to follow this passion and help connect the support team back into our organisation. 

Having a really good team around her means Tegan has time to be creative and come up with new ideas to help our support workers feel more connected and more supported, which in turn makes them more successful in their work with our customers. 

“I would find it a failure to be in a job you didn’t enjoy. So success for me is enjoying what you do.” 

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