Libby Mears announces her decision to resign her position as CEO, Leisure Networks

Wed 8th March, Libby Mears announced her decision to resign her position as CEO, Leisure Networks after 10 years with the organisation.


Hello everyone,

This Monday, March 6th, it was an absolute pleasure to celebrate my 10 years at Leisure Networks. Being the CEO of Leisure Networks over this transformational time has been a decade of personal growth and fulfilment and a deep sense of pride every day.

The organisation I joined no longer exists, from every possible lens it is a different place, with the exception that Leisure Networks continues to enjoy a strong and positive reputation across the region, state and country.

In life there is little in our control, and I practice this philosophy daily. I focus on my character, my actions and reactions, and how I treat others. Everything else I cannot control.

With these principles in mind I have informed the Board and Leisure Networks team, that I will finish my time at Leisure Networks. My final day will be August 31, 2023 and the process to recruit a new CEO will commence in the next few months.

It has been a privilege to hold the position of CEO of Leisure Networks, a leadership role that requires dedication to the mission of our organisation – to enable the betterment of the lives of our customers and stakeholders and a determination to create a great work place for every single person at Leisure Networks, one where people can flourish and be their best selves.

I am very grateful to have had this leadership role, but I have held it with the knowledge that I am in a role – I am not the role. I have never taken this position for granted and have always known there will be a time for a transition, for new energy, a new vision and new leadership.

That time is now. And it is an exciting time. Our skilled Board, Executive team and broader senior leadership group are committed to delivering our transformative TED25 vision while at the same time looking ahead to consider the opportunities and challenges over the next decade at Leisure Networks.

Over my time I have always loved getting to know our people at Leisure Networks – staff and customers alike. It has been one of my greatest joys to chat to each of you when I have had the opportunity.

I want to thank every single person who has trusted Leisure Networks to support you in various ways. There is nothing more important than to see the people we support gaining independence, confidence and enjoyment in life.

It is through our people and our commitment to a strong culture that this support is possible. So I thank our staff for their dedication and for for all that they bring to Leisure Networks every single day.  It is their effort, their dedication and their commitment that creates the greatness that enables our organisation to have such a positive impact on the people and communities we support.


All the best,


Libby Mears,



Leisure Networks respectfully acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands and waters of Australia. We are committed to inclusive communities.