Leisure Networks delivers more programs throughout Geelong thanks to support from the Anthony Costa Foundation

Thanks to a generous grant from the Anthony Costa Foundation, Leisure Networks is set to expand the positive impact of their Mini Movers program across the Geelong region. 

“We are so grateful for the support from the Anthony Costa Foundation,” said Tori Honner, Program Coordinator at Leisure Networks. “The funding we have received will allow us to provide free Mini Movers programs to children in the Geelong community. 

 “We will be delivering the Mini Movers 6-week program, every term for a 12-month period at Whittington Family and Child Care, St. Albans Park Kindergarten and Norlane West Kindergarten,” continued Tori. “We are confident families and carers at these centres will start to see the children’s motor skills, and social skills, improving rapidly thanks to the program. And we are confident we will be seeing lots of smiles from all the children!” 

Mini Movers is a physical wellbeing program designed for young children that uses sports as a fun way to improve motor skills as well as build social and emotional skills. This evidence based program, designed by Leisure Networks, aligns with the Victorian Early Years Learning Development framework to strengthen school readiness and support a smooth transition to school. 

“Sport is a fun learning space for children,” explains Tori, “and as well as getting active, the children benefit from a whole range of other strategies such as perseverance, sociability and self-esteem. These are really important skills that we know will support children as they move on to primary school.  

“We also want children to get early exposure to lots of different types of sport,” she continued. “This will help them, and their families, find a sport they love that they can pursue as they get older. Again, for fitness and health, but also for all the great social rewards sport provides. Leisure Networks is all about building active and connected communities, and we really believe that sport is at the heart of that.” 

Leisure Networks respectfully acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands and waters of Australia. We are committed to inclusive communities.