Leisure Networks announces new CEO

Thursday 25th October, Leisure Networks announced the appointment of new CEO, David Meade.

Hello everyone,

It is my pleasure to announce the appointment of Leisure Networks new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), David Meade.

This appointment was made at the most recent meeting of the Leisure Networks Board on September 27th, with unanimous support.

David brings over 15 year’s senior and executive leadership experience in healthcare both in Australia and the United Kingdom. He is a values based and ethical leader who prioritises leading by example, driving accountability and value-based decision making over all else.

His unique blend of skills and experience in both strategic and operational roles, including extensive experience in delivering transformational change, makes David well-equipped to lead our organisation into a thriving and sustainable future.

“We believe that David possesses the vision and leadership qualities needed to guide our organisation towards continued growth and success,” said Leisure Networks Chair, Paul Chow.

David will begin his CEO role at Leisure Networks on December 4th 2023.


Warm Regards,

Paul Davies, acting CEO

Leisure Networks respectfully acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands and waters of Australia. We are committed to inclusive communities.