Understanding NDIS Plan Manager and Support Coordinator roles

A NDIS Plan Manager or a Support Coordinator can assist NDIS participants in different ways. Understanding how to make the most of each service will help to maximise your NDIS plan.  

NDIS Financial Plan Management explained 

First, to understand what a NDIS Plan Manager does you need to understand why you need Financial Plan Management! 

NDIS Financial Plan Management is the management of the funds allocated through your NDIS plan. You can manage your NDIS funds independently or engage a Plan Manager for support and assistance. Having a NDIS Plan Manager can help take the stress out of managing your NDIS fund and ensure you are maximising your benefits. 

It is important to note, when working with a NDIS Financial Plan Manager, you still have control and flexibility over how your funds are used.  

NDIS Support Coordination explained 

While NDIS Financial Plan Management is focused on finances, Support Coordinators help to identify what services and supports are available to achieve your goals, while assisting you and your loved ones to navigate the NDIS system.  

What are the differences between NDIS Plan Managers and Support Coordinators? 

Both NDIS Plan Managers and Support Coordinators offer significant benefits if you are on a NDIS plan. While both roles aid NDIS recipients, they differ in their focus areas and operational methods. 

Financial Plan Managers track, pay, and reimburse you for your NDIS related expenses. They may: 

  • Pay your providers 
  • Submit claims to the NDIS portal 
  • Reimburse & track your expenditures 
  • Help you engage with registered and non-registered NDIS providers 

Working with a Support Coordinator may look like 

  • Goal setting  
  • Helping you find community activities and therapy supports to achieve your goals 
  • Developing meaningful and fulfilling relationships 
  • Exploring different housing options

Simply put, NDIS Financial Plan Managers help you with the administration of your NDIS funds, whereas Support Coordinators help you to navigate and implement your NDIS plan effectively. 

Choose Leisure Networks for your NDIS Plan Manager and Support Coordination 

Understanding the difference between NDIS Plan Managers and Support Coordinators is crucial for ensuring that you make the most of your NDIS Plan.  

If you are interested in getting support managing your NDIS funds from Leisure Networks Plan Management, simply fill out our straightforward registration form and one of our friendly team will give you a call.  

If you are interested in NDIS Support Coordination for you or your loved one call Leisure Networks on 1300 561 802 to speak to one of our intake staff.  

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