Mini Movers

Mini Movers is a series of evidence based physical wellbeing programs that use sport as a vehicle to improve the overall well-being of children. 

Leisure Networks delivers Mini Movers in Kindergarten & Early Learning Centres, Primary Schools and in the Community.

Our programs focus on: 

– Improving physical wellbeing pathways for children 
– Exploring opportunities to try new sports 
– Building confidence 
– Developing social skills 
– Increasing overall well-being 
– Having fun! 

Kindergarten & Early Learning Centre Programs

Leisure Networks Mini Movers is a physical wellbeing program for children aged 3-7 that uses sports as a fun way to improve motor skills as well as build social and emotional skills. Children benefit from strategies, such as perseverance, sociability and self-esteem to support the smooth transition to primary school.

By aligning our program to the Victorian Early Years Learning Development framework, Mini Movers helps you deliver key Learning and Development Outcomes, supporting children to:

  • Have a strong sense of identity.
  • Learn to help others through.
  • Team-based activity.
  • Build a sense of belonging.
  • Connect with, and contribute to, their world.
  • Understand fair play and how to contribute to a group.
  • Build social skills and establish friendships.
  • Improve their ability to self-regulate emotions.
  • See pathways to physical wellbeing and adopt healthy life practices.
  • Explore the world through touch, sight, sound and movement for active learning and rapid brain development.
  • Develop strong communication skills and become effective communicators.

Mini Movers has been able to give children in a vulnerable area, the opportunity to be involved in something that they may have not have the opportunity to do so otherwise

Centre Manager – Norlane Child and Family Centre

Primary School programs

Mini Movers in Schools is a great complement to existing physical education curriculums that delivers a range of benefits for children. Leisure Networks delivers programs in both specialist and mainstream schools.

Our 30-minute sessions are designed to fit easily into busy school schedules, ensuring that children can engage in physical activity without it disrupting their learning. We can tailor the program to meet the needs of your students.

Our experienced facilitators provide all the necessary equipment to introduce children new sports and activities they may not have had an opportunity to enjoy. This exposure to new and unfamiliar sports, helps young people find options away from screen time, setting them up for a more active lifestyle in the future.

With COVID-19 disrupting many children’s physical activity routines, our flexible session times provide a valuable opportunity to re-engage them in physical activity while also working within the Victorian Curriculum for Physical Education and Personal and Social Capability. By participating in Mini Movers, students can develop strong relationships with their peers while also improving their physical wellbeing.

If you’re interested in adding Mini Movers in Schools to your program, please contact us. We’d be happy to discuss how our program can meet the specific needs of your students.

Community Programs

Mini Movers Community Program provides young children the opportunity to enhance their physical well-being and develop fundamental motor skills through a variety of fun sports activities.

Our experienced and qualified coaches lead each session, focusing on different sports as a vehicle for physical improvement. This approach allows children to explore various activities while associating their new movements with activities they are already familiar with.

Mini Movers Community Program promotes early childhood development through physical activity delivered in a playful and enjoyable way and focuses on all domains of physical wellbeing, including confidence, skills, motivation, and knowledge.

Our program not only benefits children but also involves families and caregivers in developing skills to incorporate physical activity into daily routines.

Mini Movers has successfully delivered our program in numerous community centers, school programs, and community events. If you’re an early childhood educator or part of a community organisation interested in having our program, please get in touch.

My daughter loved the sessions and was excited to attend weekly

Parent – Mini Movers Active Wyndham Program

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