Building Friendships

Both Rosie English and Cassie Tanis, begun using Leisure Networks services upon sharing similar goals of wanting to improve their social skills, make new friends, increase their confidence and improve their health and wellbeing. 

Our recreation and leisure programs encourage friendships, offer fun and new experiences and increased capacity in a person’s everyday life.

Wanting to take steps to reach their goals both Rosie and Cassie attended the interstate trip to Cairns, a trip designed to help meet new people and build relationship skills, and from there a very special friendship blossomed!

Upon their return from Cairns they connected through facebook and begun organising social catch ups outside of Leisure Networks activities and soon found how much they had in common and how much they enjoyed each others company, not to mention their social calenders being jam packed with fun events to attend together.

Whilst the girls live an hour apart, through the support of their families this has not stopped them from spending time together.

Friends play important roles in our lives. They can make us laugh, lift our spirits, and give us information or advice.

The girls both say that what they love about their friendship is the number of things they have in common and the ease and confidence that they both feel when talking to each other, being able to be open and honest and talk about anything they want to.. even boys!

They talk on the phone most weeks, support each other through life’s ups and downs, but most of all they love just laughing and having fun together. 

Looking ahead to 2020, and using the skills and confidence they have gained through their supported social activities with Leisure Networks, the next goal for the girls is to do a road trip down the Surf Coast when Rosie gets her licence so they can enjoy their first fully independent holiday.

Good friendships can positively impact a person’s health and well-being, enhance your quality of life, and provide greater community connections all of which both Rosie and Cassie have experienced over the last 12 months as a result of their very special friendship.

Cassie is so down to earth, she is really nice and lots of fun

– Rosie describing Cassie.
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