Mini Movers in Schools

Many young children have missed out on opportunities to develop their physical literacy during COVID. Mini Movers in Schools provides a compliment to a school’s existing curriculum to support primary school aged children further develop their physical literacy. 

Schools have two options to purchase Mini Movers services

1. School purchased program 


2-hour one-off session
eg for a school fun day, parents can be included in the session with a festival atmosphere.
$290 GST exclusive

6-week term program 2-hours per week
Including 4 x 30 min sessions back-to-back one day a week
$1,700 GST exclusive

6-week term program 4-hours per week 
including 4 x 30 min sessions back-to-back twice a week
$3,300 GST exclusive

GST is not included in the price
Each session price includes equipment, travel, set up / pack up, delivery

2. Sporting schools funded 

Sporting Schools is an Australian Government initiative designed to help schools increase children’s participation in sport and connect them with community sport opportunities.
Schools can apply for term-based funding to have Mini Movers delivered over a longer period. 

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