Mini Movers

Our Mini Movers and All Abilities Mini Movers Program are physical literacy based and use sports as a vehicle to increase the motor skills of children aged 3-7, ensuring they have the suitable skills heading into primary school and to give them the tools to stay physically active for years to come!

Our program focuses on:

– Improving physical literacy pathways for children
– The opportunity to try new sports
– Building confidence
– Developing social skills
– Increasing overall well-being
– Having fun!

Our next Geelong All Abilities Mini Movers Program starts on Thursday 14th July and
 is fully inclusive of
Young children with a developmental delay
– Young children with a disability
Sibling and family members

To learn more about this program or to register visit:

For all other program enquiries please contact
Tori Honner¬†[email protected]

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