Mini Movers

Mini Movers is a physical literacy based program that uses sports as a vehicle to increase the motor skills of children aged 3-7, ensuring they have the suitable skills heading into primary school and to give them the tools to stay physically active for years to come!

Our program focuses on:

improving physical literacy pathways for children

upskilling educators to ensure physical literacy is a large part of their focus

helping parents/guardiansvpromote physical literacy at home

and connecting them to sporting clubs to benefit the whole family

Studies show that screens hinder a child’s development and if developmental gaps are not addressed early on, they tend to widen with age.

Mini Movers is YOUR early intervention option to stop this from happening!

“Mini Movers has shown to increase the children’s social skills; their listening, attention to detail, and waiting for their turn are all showing improvement”

For all enquiries please contact Tori Honner at [email protected]

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