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Making the healthy choice the easy choice with a bit of a ‘nudge’

Leisure Networks in partnership with VicHealth is working with sporting canteens to increase the amount of water sold and reduce the amount of sugary drinks purchased via ‘nudges’.

So what’s a ‘nudge’?  - A nudge involves creating a small change at your canteen that promotes water as the drink of choice and decreases the amount of sugary drinks consumed.


  • Point of sale promotions e.g. sandwich and water meal deals
  • Altering fridge displays of water and sugar sweetened beverages
  • Changing the price of water and/or changing the relative prices of full strength and diet or low sugar alternatives
  • Educational campaigns
  • Running a challenge to increase water consumption e.g. H3O Challenge

What’s involved?

It’s easy and there is minimal work required.  We collect data to see if the nudges increase the sales of water and/or decrease the sales of sugar sweetened beverages.

There are two phases (approx. 2-4wks each) and all work is supported by Leisure Networks:

  • Phase 1 – Business as usual (count beverage stock at the start and end of phase 1)
  • Phase 2 – Implement a nudge (count beverage stock at the start and end of phase 2)

The effectiveness of these changes will then be evaluated. At this point your canteen has the option to implement a third phase and introduce another ‘nudge’ and we encourage canteens to keep the ‘nudges’ that have been put in place.

How will it benefit our club?

You will have access to free resources, marketing material and promotion for your club plus these easy, small changes have the potential to:

  • Improve the health of your sporting community
  • Increase bottled water sales and water consumption
  • Increase awareness of the importance of water as a hydration tool

Interested in getting involved or want to find out more?  Contact Leisure Networks on 5224 9932 or email Mairead on  

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