Connecting people with their communities

  • Support Coordination - our best practice model of support coordination builds confidence and increases control. We provide all 3 levels including support connection, coordination of supports and specialist support coordination. We are also experts working with highly complex situations under the NDIS.

  • Financial Plan Management - helps you have full control over who you purchase your NDIS services from. We manage all your NDIS payments to your chosen support providers, registered and non-registered.

  • Occupational Therapy - tailored therapy-based programs and assessments which aim to increase independence and life-skills. 

  • Skill Building and Social Respite programs - creative individualised and group programs to build confidence, skills and friendships

For immediate assistance with support coordination and occupational therapy services please call Cam Libbis on 1300 561 802.  To request financial plan management or skill building & social support, please call Trevor McFarlane, Tanya Profoca or Andie Hatton on 52 22 3911.

When you make contact we will work with you to complete an NDIS service booking, a Leisure Networks Agreement and an individualised program for your supports and services. 

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