Connecting people with their communities

If you are looking to grow your club membership we can help you increase your sport’s participation and build a thriving club. We have successfully supported clubs to increase and broaden their membership and to introduce new options for their members.

Our team can also assist with a range of assessment tools so you can quickly build a picture about the needs of your club and receive tailored support to implement practical actions. We have a suite of practical workshops which are available to all clubs - check out the topics and contact Michael King 5224 9940 to discuss your club's needs.

Our Sportsaccess scholarship is another way we can support clubs to increase junior members. The scholarships are for young people who may have a financial barrier to becoming a member. Applications for Sportsaccess scholarships will be open soon. Contact Brooke Connolly 5224 9920 for more information about Sportsaccess. 

If you would like to speak with a team member about your club's needs please contact Tim Downes 5224 9936



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