Connecting people with their communities

Sporting clubs are important community places and part of our way of life. Clubs are where children learn about being active and part of a team, where people volunteer skills and a place where lifelong friends are made.

Leisure Networks works with all types of community sporting clubs, leagues, associations and state sporting bodies supporting them with tailored programs and resources to ensure sport is great for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. These programs and resources include:

Leisure Networks also encourages clubs to choose healthy options and explore opportunities. To help raise awareness of the importance of water and re-hydrating correctly, Leisure Networks has partnered with Vichealth and Nutrition Melbourne to provide sporting clubs with an exciting opportunity to be part of canteen case study.  This study will look at how clubs promote water within their facilities and the impact that has on their member’s consumption of water.

Have a look at the What’s On calendar for our current club networking and RSA training opportunities or contact Brooke 5224 9126 to find out more about becoming a Good Sports club.

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